Saturday, June 3


Morning Yoga — Vinyasa Flow


Dream Interpretation Pt 1 — Universal Language of Mind

A workshop dedicated to learning what dreams are, where they come from, why we have them, and how to interpret their message using Universal Language of Mind.

by Genevieve Markowski


Meditation — Intro To Still Minded Meditation

by Nicki & Danny


Craft Workshop — Felting With Wool

Wet - felting is a fun craft utilizing all natural sheep's wool to create all types of colorful masterpieces. In this fun workshop we will discuss the different forms of felt crafting and create felt shapes of your color and design choice. Assorted cookie cutter shapes will be provided, however you are encouraged to bring some if you have them, the more shapes the more creations!

by Ariel


Wetter Water — The Geometry of Hydration

by John Echelmeyer


Meditation — Get High On Sound, Blast Off On Breath

Through the archetypes of Breath and the Wave you can tap into the powerhouse of Universal Creation.

by John Echelmeyer


The Dance of Yoga

This vinyasa flow yoga incorporates breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation, and music. It is designed for both beginners and advanced yogis.

by Kelsey Kaleta


Reiki Lesson & Attunements

This workshop will cover an overview of what Reiki and the Metatronic energies are and how they work. Participant will receive a free Reiki Level 1 attunement and free Metatronic download.

by Taj


Meditation — Gong Bath & Singing Bowls

by Joe Bill & Mo Castello


Tools of Sovereignty In The Optical You-Niverse

Harmonics, Geometry, and UniPhied Theories: A discussion on the Musical Physics of the wave, LIGHT, and Mind through the filter of Walter Russell's Science of Light and its analogues in Sympathetic Vibratory, Scalar, and Hadronic Physics.

by John Echelmeyer


Yoga — Tantric Body Love

This class combines mental reconditioning and guided and ecstatic movements with body-centric chanting and energy work meant to help participants love and respect their bodies.

by Lorraine Clarkson


Return To Light Ceremony

This centering and opening experience uses love and light, chanting, breath-work, and intuitive direction to alter the conditioning of the mind and open a gateway for each individual to align with their true essence.

by Andrew Tansil


Sared Cacao Ceremony

by Zach Eternity



Sunday, June 4


Morning Yoga — Open Stretch & Flow


Morning Meditation — Elemental Sounds

by Aric Sangchat


Dream Workshop Pt 2 — Dream Walking

In this advanced level workshop, workshop attendees learn how to apply dream interpretations to real world experiences.

by Genevieve Markowski


Eye See Your Soul

This is an experience in self-respect and brings an awareness to the truth that we are immortal soul.

by Nicki and Danny


Expansion Yoga

This Dynamic class is designed to heighten awareness, connection and daily flow, while focusing on cutting edge biomechanics for healthy body movement.

by Lorraine Clarkson


Finding Your Inner Artist

This workshop helps participants find the courage and creativity to perform art in whatever medium inspires them.

by Brandon Arnold


Unleash Your Inner Flow

Beginning Poi for Fitness, Flexibility, and Coordination.

by Matt Stolling


Guided Meditation for Manifestation

by Andrew Tansil


Chakra Workshop

This is one hour workshop explores the body's Chakras and helps participants discover ways to tap into the chakras with yoga, chanting, diet, nature, and more.

by Kelsey Kaleta


Chakra Meditation — Get High On Sound, Blast Off On Breath Pt 2

Through the archetypes of Breath and the Wave you can tap into the powerhouse of Universal Creation.

by John Echelmeyer


Sound Healing and Reiki Share

by Joe Bill, Mo Castello, and Taj


Mediumship Workshop

by Andrew Tansil


Kava Kava Ceremony

by Zach Eternity